Collaboration - Stones Design Co. & Greyscape Studios

Late last summer we began working with the Timbo family in Boulder, Co. They were putting the finishing touches on their new home when they reached out to us to create a new bathroom sink. At the time our workshop was completely full or other projects so we reached out to our great friend and partner Brian Cockrell at Greyscape Studio to pour the work. We did the final installation together. Recently, Sarah Peet from Sarah Peet Photography got a chance to take some beautiful photos of the final product. 

How to get started on your next project

1) Decide on a your project. Custom concrete is an infinite pallet. Some of the possibilities include kitchen countertops, vanities & sinks, fireplace hearths/mantles/surrounds, patio furniture, BBQ tops and tabletops. Any surface can be fabricated for a one of a kind look and feel. 

2) What are the shape/dimensions of each piece?  A sketch of your project is helpful. Send us your ideas, basic shapes, layout and dimensions.  Simply make a sketch, snap a photo of the sketch on your phone and text it to me directly (303-330-1452).  You can also scan & email the design ( or send architectural drawings if you have them.  This information will be used to create an accurate estimate and material list. Everything we build is custom to your project.  Include your address so we can accurately price the delivery & installation.  Here is an example.  We'll give you a ring if we need additional information.  



3) How thick do you want the edge profile to be?  2" is most common for countertops.  Edge profiles can be made up to 8" or larger depending on the design & function.      

4) Choose your color. Do you want them to be natural grey?  If you want color, pigment can be added to concrete mix design.  Here is a pigment guide to help you choose the color of your project. 

5) Once we have a custom design for you, it takes about 3-4 weeks to build the forms, pour, cure, sand, polish, and deliver the final product for installation.  Projects with multiple pieces can take longer depending on the size, shape & quantity of the pieces.  Contact us for a free estimate any time!

Concrete Kitchen Table

52"x36" modern concrete kitchen table 1/2" navajo white concrete top. Base designed 1/8" aluminum. Light and elegant.

52"x36" modern concrete kitchen table 1/2" navajo white concrete top. Base designed 1/8" aluminum. Light and elegant.

Modern and Rustic Concrete Top Farm Tables

A rustic feel with a modern design, here is a set of concrete farm tables with 2 inch, concrete top pigmented with black oxide. They are sturdy and durable.  We delivered these to Cherry Creek ordered by the property manager, Angel Lou Investments, to increase curb appeal of the front of the Joseph Hamilton shop and to create an outside patio for a quick spot for customers to relax while shopping.


Double Sink Vanity - The Final Product

Back in May, we were pouring a double sink vanity, we wanted to show you a snapshot of us at work and the outcome installed in June for a home in Highlands Denver.

Fire Table - California Pizza Kitchen - Cherry Creek

Last month we completed and installed a 12' long x 4' custom fire table for California Pizza Kitchen in Cherry Creek. The fire table creates a relaxed, cozy atmosphere and ambience. The custom table has a 4" beveled edge and the color is a warm grey tone called Stardust.  The table is supported on a tube steel frame. Weighing in over 1000 lbs, It took 8 people to lift it and set it in place. We loved the challenge. Many thanks to the general contractor Scheiner Commercial Group out of Monument Colorado for the flawless install.  If you are at the Cherry Creek Mall, make sure to swing over for a bite and to check out our work.

Concrete fire table with 4" beveled edge. 

Concrete fire table with 4" beveled edge. 


This custom concrete fire table can fit 16 people around it comfortably. California Pizza Kitchen loves it because it enhances the customer experience and ambiance on the patio deck at the Cherry Creek Mall. A perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

Custom Concrete Vanity with Integrated Sinks

On Wednesday 5/11 we started casting a custom vanity with integrated sinks. We utilized a prefabricated sink mold and blended white and grey cement to create a light grey natural finish. Next week we will start polishing these beauties. 

The many textures of concrete

Concrete is a dynamic medium able to reproduce any surface area you are looking to achieve. here is just a small sample of possibilities. 

Love Concrete

Sunset tonight out of the back door of our shop