1) Decide on a your project. Custom concrete is an infinite pallet. Some of the possibilities include kitchen countertops, vanities & sinks, fireplace hearths/mantles/surrounds, patio furniture, BBQ tops and tabletops. Any surface can be fabricated for a one of a kind look and feel. 

2) What are the shape/dimensions of each piece?  A sketch of your project is helpful. Send us your ideas, basic shapes, layout and dimensions.  Simply make a sketch, snap a photo of the sketch on your phone and text it to me directly (303-330-1452).  You can also scan & email the design (kory@stonesdesignco.com) or send architectural drawings if you have them.  This information will be used to create an accurate estimate and material list. Everything we build is custom to your project.  Include your address so we can accurately price the delivery & installation.  Here is an example.  We'll give you a ring if we need additional information.  



3) How thick do you want the edge profile to be?  2" is most common for countertops.  Edge profiles can be made up to 8" or larger depending on the design & function.      

4) Choose your color. Do you want them to be natural grey?  If you want color, pigment can be added to concrete mix design.  Here is a pigment guide to help you choose the color of your project. 

5) Once we have a custom design for you, it takes about 3-4 weeks to build the forms, pour, cure, sand, polish, and deliver the final product for installation.  Projects with multiple pieces can take longer depending on the size, shape & quantity of the pieces.  Contact us for a free estimate any time!